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Sharing Data

10.2.1. Sharing data

You can share date with internal users or external partners with read or edit access by inviting those people to a shared item. The external partners will automatically receive an invitation email.

The following options are available:

Note the following:

If external partners access a share, the following rules and procedures apply:

How to share data with internal users or external partners:

  1. Select the app that should be used for sharing data. Select a folder in the folder view.

    In the Drive app, you can also select a folder or file in the display area.

    Note: Depending on the app, some folders cannot be shared.

  2. Click the Actions icon next to the folder name. Click on Share / Permissions.

    Click on Permissions in the E-Mail app.

    In the Drive app, you can also click on Share in the tool bar or use the context menu in the display area.

    The window for granting permissions opens.

  3. Note: The following option will not be available in the E-Mail app.

    In Who can access this folder?, you can define whom to grant access to the data:

    • If you exclusively want to share the data with specific people, select Invited people only.

    • If you want to share the data not only with specific people, but with everyone who gets a link to the data, select Anyone with the link and invited people.

      People with the link can only read the shared data. Other permissions cannot be granted for public links.

  4. To invite the desired people, enter a name or an E-Mail address in Invite people.

    • To set a person's permission, select a user role in Invite as.

    • To adjust the user role of a person added, click on the assigned user role next to the person or on Details.

    • To remove a person's permission, click the Actions icon next to the person. Click on Remove.

    If you invite people, the Invitation message (optional) input field will be displayed. If required, enter a message.

    If you selected Anyone with the link and invited people, you can pass on the link by clicking on Copy link next to the link.

  5. In order to adjust the settings, click the Sharing options icon in the title bar. The following settings are available:

    Link options:

    • To set a time limit for the access to the shared data, select a time frame in Expiration.

    • To protect access with a password, enter a password in Password (optional). Make sure the recipient of the public link receives the password.

    Invitation options

    • To automatically send a message to people invited by you to a shared item, enable Send notification by e-mail.

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