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Automatically Adding Email Addresses to Input Field

6.4.2. Automatically adding email addresses from the address list

Note: Depending on the configuration, the address list might not be available. In case the address list is not available, the Select contacts window will be used, see Automatically adding email addresses from an address book.

In the Global address list window you can use various functions for finding and automatically adding email addresses. You can, for example, use this function if an email address needs to be entered in the input field when sending an email or inviting participants to an appointment. In the Global address list window, the following functions are available:

How to automatically add email addresses from the address list:

  1. Click the Select contacts icon in an editing window.

    This icon will be available in the input fields for email addresses, while:

    • selecting the recipients when sending an email

    • adding participants to an appointment or task

    • inviting people to a share

    The Global address list window opens.

  2. Enter a search term in Search.

    All contacts that include the search term in the following data will be displayed: name, department, position, phone number, email address

  3. You can limit the search result by using the following functions:

    • Enter a term in Filter to define the address lists to be displayed in Address list.

    • In Address list, select the address list to be searched

  4. Select at least one contact.

    The selected contacts will be displayed in a list at the bottom. You can remove individual contacts from the list.

  5. Repeat steps 1 to 2 to find and select additional contacts.

  6. To automatically insert the email addresses of the contacts selected, click on Select.

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