Address Book

Adding Distribution Lists

6.6.1. Creating new distribution lists

In order to create a new distribution list, enter a name and add contacts.

How to create a new distribution list:

  1. Open an address book in the folder view.

    Note: Open an address book for which you have the appropriate permissions to create objects.

  2. Select New contact from the tool bar. Click on New distribution list.

  3. Enter a name for the distribution list in the Name field.

  4. Enter a participant's E-Mail address in the Participants field.

    • While entering the recipients, matching suggestions will be displayed. To accept a suggestion, click on it.

    • To select contacts from an address book, click the Select contact icon on the right side of the input field.

    In order to add additional contacts, repeat this step. In order to remove a contact, click next to the contact.

  5. Click on Create list.

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