Data Organisation and Shares

Sharing Data

10.2.7. Accessing other users' shares

In the folder view, you have access to data shared with you by other users. You can define which public and shared address books, calendars or task folders are displayed in the folder view.

How to access data shared by other users:

  1. Open the shared folder in the folder view. Depending on the app, you can find these folders below Shared address books, Shared calendars, Shared tasks, Shared files.

    If a user shared data with you, a folder named after the user will be displayed. If the shared data came from another groupware installation, the user name will be appended with the name of the other domain.

    You are automatically subscribed to shared address books, calendars and task folders. To hide these folders, cancel the subscription in the settings of the respective app.

    Tip: To see the permissions that have been granted for the shared folder, click the Actions icon . Click on Share / Permissions.

  2. Open the folder to display its contents.

  3. Select one or several objects. Use the function bar entries.

    Note: Depending on whether the objects are shared with read or edit rights, different functions can be available.

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