Data Security

11.4. Using Allowlists

Depending on the configuration, you can create an allowlist. All email messages from senders who are recorded in the allowlist, are treated as follows:

Warning: When making entries into the allowlist, several security measures are circumvented. Only enter email addresses or domain names in the allowlist if you absolutely trust them.

How to create an allowlist:

  1. Click the Settings icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click on Settings.

  2. In the side bar, click on Security.

  3. Enter the respective E-Mail addresses or domain names as a comma separated list in the input field below Always trust e-mail messages from the following senders in the display area. Please also note:

    • When entering multiple E-Mail addresses or domain names, separate the entries with a comma.

    • Make sure to enter the exact E-Mail addresses or domain names.

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