Data Security

11.3. Showing the E-Mail Authenticity

For incoming email messages, the server checks whether the email actually originates from the provided sender address. The check is run to identify illegitimate email messages. The email authenticity check provides one of the following results:

Depending on the configuration, you can define the email messages for which the authenticity is displayed.

How to define the E-Mail messages for which the authenticity is displayed:

  1. Click the Settings icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click on Settings.

  2. In the side bar, click on Security.

  3. Select an entry from the Show email authenticity drop-down in the display area.

    • Disabled. No authenticity is displayed. If a hoster marks the E-Mail sent from the hoster's address as trustworthy though, this authenticity will be displayed.

    • Suspicious and unclassified e-mail messages only. Displays the authenticity for the following E-Mail messages:

      • E-Mail messages that are classified as potentially dangerous.

      • E-Mail messages for which the authenticity could not definitely be verified

    • All E-Mail messages. Displays the authenticity for all E-Mail messages.

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