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Displaying Contacts

6.2.3. Displaying contacts in the halo view

You can use the halo view in the E-Mail , Calendar or Tasks app to display all relevant information about a contact.

How to display a contact in the halo view:

  1. Depending on the app, use one of the following methods:

    • Select an email in the E-Mail app. Click on a recipient or the sender in the detail view.

    • Select an appointment or a task in the Calendar or Tasks app. Click on a participant in the detail view or in the pop-up.

    Depending on the contact's entries in the address book, this data will be displayed in a pop-up:

    • a picture if uploaded

    • last name, first name

    • business data, if entered

    • Depending on the configuration: The contact's current availability for calls

    • Depending on the configuration: Icons for communicating with the contact:

      • Email . Opens the window for composing an email.

      • Call . Opens a menu with functions for calling.

      • Invite . Opens the window for creating an appointment.

    • additional contact data, if set:

      • personal data, business data

      • E-Mail addresses. If clicking on an E-Mail address, the page for sending a new E-Mail is displayed.

      • Business and private phone numbers. If clicking on a number, a function for making a call opens, if available.

      • Business and private addresses. In the address book settings, you can define whether a map service for displaying the address should be used when clicking on an address.

      • attachments

    • The address book in which the contact is saved

    • Your recent conversations with this contact If clicking on an E-Mail, its content will be displayed in a pop-up.

    • Shared appointments with this contact. If clicking on an appointment, its data is shown in a pop-up.

  2. To close the halo view, click the Close icon in the pop-up.

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