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Displaying Contacts

6.2.2. Displaying contacts in the address list

Note: Depending on the configuration, the address list might not be available.

In the address list, you can simultaneously find and display contacts from multiple address books. You can define the address books to be searched for contacts. The following functions are available:

How to display contacts in the global address list:

  1. Click the All Applications icon in the menu bar.

    Click on Address list in the App Launcher.

    The Global address list window opens. Like editing windows, the window can be moved, minimised and its size can be adjusted.

  2. Enter a search term in Search.

    All contacts that include the search term in the following data will be displayed: name, department, position, phone number, email address

  3. You can limit the search result by using the following functions:

    • Enter a term in Filter to define the address books to be displayed in Address list.

    • In Address list, select the address books to be searched.

  4. To show a contact’s details, click the Show contact details icon on the right side. The contact's Halo View will be displayed in a pop-up.

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