5.3. Viewing or Saving email Attachments

The file names of E-Mail attachments are displayed in the detail view. Depending on the configuration, the following functions are available:

How to use the email attachment functions:

  1. Select an E-Mail with one or multiple attachments.

    To display the attachments click the Attachment icon above the email content in the detail view. The attachments will be displayed as preview or as a list.

    To toggle the view, click the Toggle preview icon or .

  2. To apply a function to all attachments, click on a button next to the Attachment icon .

  3. In order to apply a function to a specific attachment, enable the list view. Click on an attachment.

    To display an attachment in the Viewer, enable the preview view. Click on an attachment.

Note: Depending on the configuration, attachments will be checked for viruses before being downloaded.

How to view all your E-Mails' attachments in the Drive app:

Note: Depending on the configuration, this function might not be available.

  1. Use one of the following methods:

    • Click on View in the tool bar. Click on All attachments.

    • Click on View all attachments in the folder view.

    The Drive app opens. The My attachments folder shows all attachments of all E-Mail messages that have been sent or received by you.

  2. You can use the Drive functions.

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