Encrypting Data with Guard

Encrypting E-Mail Conversations

12.2.1. Reading encrypted E-Mail messages

To be able to read an encrypted email, the Guard security password is required.

How to read an encrypted E-Mail:

  1. Select an email with the Encrypted icon . In the detail view, the notification Secure Email, enter your Guard security password. is displayed.

    Note: If, when having used guard the last time, you set that Guard should remember the security password, the email will be displayed immediately.

  2. Enter the Guard security password.

    You can define how long the security password should be remembered by Guard. To do so, enable Keep me logged into Guard . Select a time range from the list.

    In the Guard security settings, you can define a default value for the time range.

  3. Click on OK. The content is shown in plain text.

    If the E-Mail includes attachments, functions for using the attachments' decrypted or encrypted versions will be displayed.

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