Sending Email Messages

5.4.10. Sending a vacation notice automatically

A vacation notice informs the sender of an E-Mail that you will not retrieve your E-Mails for a specific period of time. You can set the following:

How to create and activate a vacation notice:

  1. Click on View in the tool bar. Click on Vacation notice at the bottom.

    You can also use the Vacation notice button in the E-Mail settings.

    The Vacation notice window opens.

  2. Enable the Vacation notice button .

  3. To define the time range for sending the vacation notice, enable Send vacation notice during this time only. Set the start and end date.

    Note: Depending on the configuration, this setting might not be available.

  4. Enter a subject and a text for the vacation notice.

  5. In order to display all options, click on Show advanced options.

    • You can specify an interval for sending a vacation notice if there are several E-Mail messages from the same sender.

    • You can specify the sender address to be used for sending the vacation notice.

    • The vacation notice will be sent if messages are reaching your primary E-Mail address. You can also activate a vacation notice if messages are reaching your other E-Mail addresses.

If a vacation notice is active, the following is displayed:

Tip: The vacation notice will be entered as E-Mail filter. You can also edit the vacation notice in the E-Mail filter settings.

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