Managing E-Mail messages

5.7.7. Using E-Mail drafts

While composing an email, the email is automatically saved as an email draft at regular intervals. The following options are available:

The email draft will be deleted after it has been sent. To keep the email draft, you can edit and send a copy.

Note: If you use an external email account while composing an email, the email draft will be saved in the Drafts folder below your primary email account, not below the external email account.

How to use an E-Mail draft:

  1. Select an E-Mail in the Drafts folder.

  2. Click on Edit draft or on Edit copy in the tool bar.

    Edit the content.

  3. You can finish editing the email or send the email:

    • In order to finish editing the email, click the Close icon in the title bar.

      You can save or delete the draft.

    • To send the email, click on Send.

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