Viewing Files

9.2.1. Displaying a file's content

The following options are available:

How to display a file's content:

  1. Open a folder containing files.

  2. In order to select a view for the objects, click on View in the tool bar. Select one of these entries: List, Icons, Tiles. To display checkboxes for selecting files, enable Checkboxes.

  3. In order to display details of a selected file, click on View in the tool bar. Enable File details.

  4. Use one of the following methods:

    • Double-click on a file in the display area.

    • Select one or several files in the display area. Click the View icon in the tool bar.

    • Select View from the context menu.

    To display details for the selected file, enable the Show details icon .

    In order to open the previous or next file, click the Back or Next icon next to the view.


Depending on the file type, different functions can be available:

User interface:

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