Data Organisation and Shares

10.5. Downloading Personal Data

Depending on the configuration, you can download your personal data within the groupware:

Note the following:

How to download your personal data:

  1. Click the Settings icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click on Settings.

  2. In the side bar, click on Download personal data.

  3. Select the apps whose data should be downloaded. You can use different options for the specific apps.

    Click on Request download.

    While the data are being zipped to an archive, you can continue with your work.

    In order to cancel the process, click on Abort download request.

  4. You will get an E-Mail as soon as the archive can be downloaded. Click on Download in the E-Mail.

    The Download your personal data page will be displayed again. Click the Download icon .

    Note: On top of the page you can see how long the zip archive will be available. After this period, the archive will be automatically deleted.


Note: The zip archive will be ready for download on the server for a specific period. If you request your data a second time within this period, the current zip archive will be deleted on the server.

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