Address Book

6.11. Searching for Contacts

Learn how to search for contacts by using the following search criteria:

How to search for contacts:

  1. Click on the Search input field. Enter a search term in the input field.

    The search menu opens.

  2. Define the data sources to be searched by clicking on an entry in the search menu.

    • If clicking on the search term or pressing enter, the following data sources are searched: name, address, phone number

    • In order to only search in names, click on in names in the search menu.

      Accordingly, you can limit the search to E-Mail addresses, phone numbers, departments or addresses.

    • In order to search for a contact matching the search term, click on a name in the search menu.

    The search results are displayed in the list that is shown in the display area.

  3. To limit the search to specific contacts, click the Options icon in the search field. Use the following methods:

    • Folders allows defining the address books to be searched.

      If you select All folders, all private, public, and shared address books are searched.

    • Type allows limiting the search to contacts or distribution lists.

  4. In order to finish the search, click the Cancel search icon in the search field.

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