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Secure Webmail

Easily secure your Private Email account with Two-Factor Authentication.


Storage space for your email files — like documents, pictures, and other media. You can save and edit files, or share them with other users — all while managing file versions and edit histories. Files will also synchronize across all your devices.


A customizable information center that shows scheduled appointments, mailbox quota, new messages, and news from your social networks.

Anti-Spam Protection

Smart spam control, powered by our advanced Jellyfish system, offers a powerful solution to unwanted messages with built-in anti-virus protection.


Easily upload an Excel document, edit it, save it, and share the contents without losing formatting or properties.


Namecheap’s Support Team is made up of the most professional, knowledgeable people in the industry. And they’re available 24/7 to assist you and answer your questions.

Collaboration tools

Includes features such as shared tasks, contacts, calendars, and files, useful for organizing and collaborating with your group or company.


Web-based collaborative word processing solution. You can create or upload text documents, edit files, and monitor changes in real time.

Private Email
Get started with three simple steps

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Step 1

Choose your domain

Connect an existing domain to your Private Email subscription or register a new one. From there you can create a default mailbox.

You may order additional mailboxes at any time as your business grows.

Learn more about how the process works here

Step 2

Set up MX records

Add the necessary DNS records for the domain associated with your Private Email subscription so that emails will start being delivered to your mailbox.

To do this, you will need to log into the account where the domain name is managed.

Set up the appropriate MX records by using this guide

Step 2

Connect your device

You can access Private Email via Webmail, or configure your mail client to retrieve and send messages through IMAP, POP3 or SMTP. Click here to find the settings for desktop and mobile clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through the frequently asked questions

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service in which a hosting provider rents out email servers to its users. While some companies offer basic free hosting options, you get more from premium services that offer more flexibility and power. Professional web-based email hosting takes place when both incoming and outgoing emails are managed by a separate shared or dedicated mail server.

How do I set up a business email?

Professional or business email creation may seem complicated, but actually, it is not as scary as it looks. Once your desired business email domain is chosen and the email hosting is purchased, all that's left to do is set up your DNS records. After that, you will be able to create a mailbox and enjoy the email service.

Why choose Namecheap Private Email?

Namecheap Private Email is a collaborative, open-source software. It provides a fresh, modern design that works across tablets, desktops, and laptops – allowing users to communicate whenever and wherever they want. Create public spaces in shared folders, set and control tasks, create and manage work schedules, and much more with our bespoke email platform.

How do you transfer emails to your Namecheap Private Email account?

If you are using a third-party email service and would like to switch to our Private Email, you can easily migrate your old emails (Inbox, Sent and other folders) to our servers using the Webmail interface. In order to transfer old emails to your email hosting account, follow these steps.

Can I use a personal email domain with Namecheap Private Email?

Whether you want to have a personal email or a business email, Namecheap Private Email allows you to create a custom email address with the domain name of your choice.

Email etiquette

Looking for tips on best email practices for businesses? Professionals all communicate with a certain degree of formality in language. Respond with courtesy, pleasantries and directness and you’ll be on your way to a beneficial business relationship.

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